Education and Culture

We offer cutural awarenss programs and education opportunities for Churches, Organizations, Schools and Professionals. We belive that in order to effectivelfy impact those we serve, we need to know them and know about them.


We have been taking youth groups to Latin America for more than 10 years. We belive in common sense missions, with long term committments and building personal relationships.


We have young men and women who need your experience, knowledge and wisdom to get ahead in life. 1 day a week for 1 hour a week, 1 Year at a time. That's a one step to change a life


Education is so important to all of us, however it does not come easy to learn for some, specially to the students who come from another country, speak other languages and have different cultures. Help us tutor studetns in reading and math.

Character Sports

We have opportunities to impact the lives of many boys and girls in Charcter building through sports engament. We partner with other ministries and provide a soccer program and a Ballet program.


Part of our leadership opportunities include translating services to those families or groups that are impacting our immigrant populations that speak other languages.


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1357 Wittekind Terrace | Cincinnati, OH 45224

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