We have Partner with City Gospel Mission in putting together a Character Soccer program at Roberts Academy. We had twenty-six boys sign up this season and they all had a great time learning, playing and growing together.


Our Character Soccer Program is a designed to use high quality soccer instruction and skill building as a vehicle to introduce 8 Character traits to all participants. These character traits have a biblical foundation and will be introduced as a 10-minute character/bible study during each practice. The program will be 6 weeks long, twice a week, during the fall and in the spring. We are targeting student between 4th and 8th grade (Middle school age). We believe that this is the best age to target, given the top scale of the 4/14 window. The program will be established as an after-school program in a Cincinnati Public School, using the community learning center model to incorporate our outreach. The practices will have; 40 minutes of skill and technique, 30 minutes of game time, 10 of rest, breaks and hydration, and 10 minutes character/bible study.


Our focus


Physically: By providing an opportunity for students to exercise and be physically challenged while learning and enjoying the sport of soccer.


Socially: By allowing students to be part of a Christian faith-based program, surrounding them with positive and encouraging leaders and students of the same age range.


Mentally: By challenging students to develop various skills, such as discipline and self- control, while improving their self-esteem. 

Spiritually: By exposing students to biblical character talks by local leaders, pastors, teachers, and coaches 


Our 8 Character traits

(Titus 2:1-8)



We are partnering up with CGM and the Princesses Ballet Program to students at Roberts Academy.

"Combining grace, discipline and worship, the Princesses Ballet team helps young girls build confidence in themselves and their faith. The discipline required to perform ballet helps the children learn a strong work ethic while building character and self-esteem.

Children in Princesses Ballet share their faith and practice discipleship. They receive valuable spiritual guidance and caring support that helps them grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and choose the right paths in life.

A strong focus of this unique ministry is on creating lasting relationships between kids, parents, and churches. This gives youth ongoing support and encouragement as they grow into adults, and in relationship with Jesus." - CGM

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