Our Mission is to connect people and ministries from Cincinnati to Latin America. 


Our purpose is to provide the foundation to connect deeper and to be more intentional in spreading God's Blessings across his Kingdom. 


We want to witness - "fruits that last" 

(Jn 15:16) - from the work and service of these partnerships.


We have mission opportunities for individuals, small groups, students, families, professionals and ministries. 

Currently we are working in Cincinnati and Guatemala, with opportunities in Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Amigo provides many Mission Opportunities and Services:

Amigo is composed of Ministries working together to serve people and communities. We have specialized ministries within our organization that can maximize the work being done by others. Individuals, businesses and ministries have found our partnership helpful in many areas of service to those individuals from Latin america. We Serve Locally in Cincinnati, Ohio and Internationally across Latin america. All of our efforts are intentionally geared to bring the Grace of God to His people by applying biblical principles in everything we do. We are a ministry that Networks within a Multicultural environment in order to create autonomy rather than dependency. Our success is measured by the growth and livelihood of each individual, business , ministry and community that we work with. 

Amigo's Ministries


Missions - We Do Missions! Our missions ministry has specialized in providing the best experience possible. We provide complete logistics to mission trips in Latin America. Our Knowledge of the cultures and language is an essential part for our success. We have a network of Professional Leaders, Pastors and Guides that work together with you and/or your organization to stay focused on your call to serve, maximize your resources and train all participants. We do more than just get you there, we cater to all the needs of your Mission. Please read more in our Missions page.


Church Plant - Pastor 'Tulio' Minera has been a church planter for more than 12 years. His success in ministering to Multicultural communities has given him the knowledge and experience to help promote strong spiritual leaders focused in the prosperity of their community. Amigo Ministries is in partnership with many growing churches locally in cincinnati and in Guatemala. Read more on what we are doing and how we can help you in our Outreach page.


Leadership Training - Our main focus is Leaders. It is one of our fundamental beliefs that strong leaders are essential in the growth of any business, ministry and community. We facilitate programs, workshops and trainings that are meant to promote growth in all levels of leadership. Please read more in our Outreach Page.

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Amigo Ministries Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. Amigo Ministries, 1357 Wittekind Ter., Cincinnati, OH 45224